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Leslie Gibbons founded Root To Rise Yoga in 2014 after studying under Lynn Matthews and Yoga 4 Life. She received her 200 hr RYT and is registered with Yoga Alliance.
Leslie began practicing yoga over 12 yrs. ago and noticed the impact it made on her personal struggles with anxiety and depression. Her goal is to spread the gift of yoga to as many people as she can.
She teaches in studio settings, addictions facilities and private groups throughout the community. Her hope is to continue to bring yoga and meditation to the addiction and mental health community as she has seen first hand the impact it makes in their healing process.  She's also focusing on bringing her teachings to women suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety.
In 2015 Leslie received her Yoga Nidra Certification studying under Kamini Desai with the Amrit Yoga Institute. Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation technique where clients are lead through a practice that creates a combination of alert awareness and deepest relaxation. You are taken into alpha and theta states of consciousness where repair and healing can occur.
Her Personal Mantra: "I am present in my spiritual path to healing"

A note from Leslie:  Yoga is an ongoing journey for me.  I feel the most at peace when I'm practicing on a regular basis.  Yoga can intimidate people, and I hope I can break that fear in as many people as possible.  It is not a practice that will ever be perfected for anyone.  We are all continually evolving and our practice evolves with us.  That's the beauty in meet yourself on the mat and move with your breath letting it take you as far as you can go that day.  Namaste. 

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Yoga at Home
Yoga Nidra

Or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.  This is the state in which the body is completely relaxed as I guide you through a verbal practice. 

We begin the class with a light yoga practice.  You will then get nice and comfy on your yoga mat with props and pillows as you fall into the deepest state of relaxation while being fully conscious.  By using verbal cues such as body scanning and guided imagery, you will quiet your mind and find peace.  Yoga nidra has been used to treat various conditions such as addiction, PTSD, neurological disorders, anxiety & depression and many more. 

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Addiction & Mental Health Treatment
Group and Private Sessions

Yoga and meditation are a great tool to use in the process of healing the mind and body.  Whether your currently battling an addiction and/or a mental health disease or have found a place of sobriety and peace.  Adding these two elements to your life will only better the outcome.  Leslie works with inpatient treatment centers as well as provides one on one sessions to those who are balancing life, work and healing.  

Offering private yoga sessions as well as group sessions.  Group practices can include corporate, neighborhood, addiction facilities, therapy settings, mommy and me and support groups.  Special events such as team building, bachelorette party's or morning of wedding practice to calm those nervous jitters are also an option.

Leslie believes in the power of yoga and it's ability to bridge gaps in communities, gain control over ones emotions and build confidence in your ability to connect with your inner voice. 



Root To Rise Yoga

Annapolis, MD

Tel: 703-608-6871


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